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April 2015

Review : Himalaya Herbals Protein Shampoo & Conditioner


Hey girls, hope you’re doing great 🙂

So, I thought I’d do a quick review on my most used, and currently favourite shampoo! It’s none other than Protein Shampoo from Himalaya Herbals!

Well, I have been using multiple products from this company. They never cease to amaze you. The shampoo itself is an amazing example of that!

A ‘protein shampoo’ is different from a regular shampoo as it provides your hair with more moisture, helping it to repair from damage and also grow out.

Almost a year and a half back, I randomly bought this shampoo with the same theory in my mind – that the protein is going to help restore my dry ends, and help grow my hair! Since then, I’m on my 5th bottle and do I love it or do I love it??

Volume and Bounce

There are different varieties in the protein shampoo itself:
1. Volume and bounce
2. Repair and Regenerate

3. Softness and Shine

You can choose according to what you desire to do for your hair. Also, if you pair it up with the conditioner, the duo is perfect! The conditioner makes your hair super soft and manageable. I just started using it recently, and realized what I have been missing out on!

And oh, did I mentioned that it helped so much in growing my hair!

What’s to like,
Helps repair your hair
Helps to grow out hair
Make hair soft and manageable
Reduces hair fall (Not a drastic change)
Moisturises super dry hair
Makes your hair bouncy and volumized (A little)
Great for coloured/permed hair
Free from parabens and synthetic colours
Easy Availability
Very affordable
What’s not to like,
If your hair is super oily, it may cause it to become a little greasy
If you use hair oil, it might not come out easily in one wash
Availability and Cost
Easily Available throughout Pakistan, and also on every other on-line shop!
200ml bottle (Shampoo & Conditioner separately) for Rs.170-210 (Prices may vary)
Overall Rating
Would I buy again?
Yes and YES!
Hope this helps!
Much love,

How to take care of color treated/bleached hair

Hi guys! Hope you all are doing great. 🙂

So, I thought i’d share some tips and advice for people with color treated or bleached hair. Hair colouring has become a norm nowadays, so it is important to know how to look after your hair after you’ve coloured them!

Why is colouring harmful for my hair?
Most of the hair dyes available have Ammonia in them. It really helps to bring out the colour, however, it can also absorb moisture from your hair therefore causing it to become dry, brittle and look frazzled.

Pre-Colouring Tips
1. First and foremost, look for a product without any Ammonia.
2. Find the perfect shade accordingly.
3. If it’s the first time you’re colouring, take some help from a professional. Later on, you can experiment on your own once you’ve gathered enough knowledge about what to do.
4. Do a patch test to check if you’re allergic or not.
5. If you’re going for bleach, choose a good hair bleach available in market.
6. Before bleaching, you can cover your ends/hair in coconut oil to reduce the harm.
7. Remember, always colour/bleach on dirty hair. The natural oil in your hair can protect it from the chemicals. It’s a win-win!

1. After colouring, use the conditioner provided in the box.
2. Wash with a good quality colouring shampoo. They are formulated specially for coloured hair, without any harsh chemicals! Some of the options are:

3. Reduce your hair wash regime. Shampoo it after 2 days or so. If your hair is oily, you can use dry shampoos, or basic talcum power or Cornstarch to hide those oily strands.
4. If you’re going for a swim, protect your hair by a cap since the chlorine in the pool can be harmful for your strands

5. If your hair turns dry/brittle, go for deep-conditioning or protein treatments. Some at-home treatments you can do:
i. Egg and Banana mixture

ii. Egg and Olive Oil Mixture
iii. Regularly oil your hair
iv. Apply Mayonnaise to your hair (YES it works 100%)

6. You can also get a protein hair treatment done professionally from a salon. Also, to make your colour vibrant, go for gloss treatments!

If you absolutely need to colour again (hiding grey hair or your roots start showing), you can go for a touch up once every month or so. However, don’t forget to follow these tips to make sure your mane stays healthy and shiny!

Hope this helped you guys in some way.

Don’t forget to leave your comments 🙂

Much love,

The Oil Cleansing Method

On a day-to-day basis, we tend to use many products on our skin. From a basic cleanser, to scrub, to face mask and what not. Cleansing your face is a part of a daily ritual many women observe.

Why is a facial cleanser bad for my skin?
Your normal face wash or cleanser contains many harsh chemicals that eventually strip your skin off its natural oils. This can lead to increased production of oil causing clogged pores, blemishes, blackhead and acne!
How does this method works?
Chemistry 101: Like dissolves like.
So basically, when you use an external oil, you’re  replacing the unwanted, pore-clogging oil on your face with a natural oil which is filled with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. How cool is that!
Advantages of this method
  • Skin becomes free of blackheads, acne, pimples
  • Cleaner pores
  • Fresher and softer skin
  • Natural method, so no chemical harm
  • No need to use a separate makeup remover, as oil can serve that purpose too
  • Easy to do
  • No separate moisturiser needed afterwards
  • Can be a little costly, depending on the oil used
  • You might face some difficulty finding the right oil type
  • Coconut and olive oil cannot be used, as they are comedogenic (clog pores)
Can I use it on acne/pimples?
YES, why not? Oil has anti-inflammatory properties so it can reduce your acne, pimples! But it’s important to use the appropriate type. Don’t use coconut or olive oil though, as they can worsen your acne. Use peppermint or tea tree oil which are natural astringents.
To get the maximum benefits, two important things to note:
  • Use oil according to your face type
  • Use warm water
You can use this method once a day, preferably at night. Use it for more than a week to start seeing some difference in your skin. Your skin may take some time to get used to it, and once it does you’ll be hooked, trust me!
What Oil to Use?
Your basic oil is CASTOR OIL. Since it is a little thick and potent, it is better to dilute it with some carrier oil according to your skin type. Here’s a little guide:
The Actual Method
  • Take some amount of oil in your hands, a little more than a teaspoon or more according to your requirement
  • Apply and massage it on your face. Take your time, massage nicely, make sure you reach all your face to completely remove your make-up or any product build-up
  • Now, use a wash cloth and run it under warm to hot water
  • Squeeze the water out and put the cloth on your face for 30 seconds. The steam is going to help clean your face
  • Do this again, until you feel your skin is clean or you see no visible oil is left
  • Voila, you’re done!
Taken from Internet
My Experience
I looooove using oils on my face. Not only they make your skin super soft and acne-free, they also help in removing dirt and makeup!
Hope you guys found this post useful!
Lots of love.
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