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June 2015

Gulabo Eid Collection 2015

Hey guys! Some exciting news for you all.
Gulabo, the clothing and accessories retail brand by Maheen Khan, today launched the Gulabo Eid Collection in 9 festive designs across Pakistan. 
The Gulabo Eid Collection features two distinct lines keeping in mind the woman and the girl who loves to make a statement. ‘Desi beauty’, an ode to the kurta, the shalwar and the pajama, and ‘Lace’ a trendy collection of current silhouettes that works for all ages.
Keeping the summer heat in mind, the collection mainly comprises cotton and cotton/silk blends.
Defining her brand philosophy, Maheen Khan said,  “At Gulabo, we adapt to our customer’s needs, but maintain a cosmopolitan, and contemporary touch.”


Here are some of the designs from this collection:









The new collection is now available from the brand’s flagship store at Dolmen Mall Clifton, Karachi and from the Gulabo e-store across Pakistan.
Make sure to check this amazing collection out! Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!
Until next time,

TPL Trakker Collaborates with PTCL for Navigation App [Press Release]

Hey guys,

I’m so happy to announce that our favourite internet connection, PTCL, has collaborated with TPL Trakker to bring an amazing Navigation App. The App is named Sygic maps and Trakker NAV as a compulsory built in application on the device. Sygic is the most popular offline GPS navigation application. High quality TPL Trakker maps are stored on the phone or tablet, and can be accessed without any internet connection.

The user-friendly Sygic maps and Trakker NAV will assist ‘CharJi EVO Tab’ users in finding out addresses and interesting locations and also provide turn-by-turn voice guided navigation all across Pakistan, 3D Cities & landscape for easy orientation, Road Incident Sharing with other drivers, SOS/help to find assistance nearby and customizable spoken warnings and navigation screen for the user.

A view of the ‘Sygic’ App
The sleek and powerful Dual-SIM CharJi EVO Tablet offers great value for money by providing fast LTE speed upto 36 Mbps and also enables customers to enjoy voice connectivity through any GSM SIM just like a mobile phone, with pre-installed Sygic maps and Trakker NAV.
No more getting lost in the way! Isn’t it the most helpful app ever??

Zap the Zit

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing great.
Since Ramadan is coming up and so are my finals, here’s a quick quick post before I go MIA!
Pimples, acne, zit – Whatever you call it, you know how badly it sucks! We’ve all had them or have them and we all certainly hate them. Summer is the season of acne/pimples. Specially for people with oily or acne-prone skin, it’s a living hell. Everything you do, makes you breakout!
So why do we have them, just why? Here are a few ‘scientific’ reasons.
1. You don’t keep your face clean i.e sleep with make up on, or don’t wash your face after heavy sweating/gym.
2. You use products that irritate you skin – mostly perfumes do that, but can be other ingredients too.
3. Nature – Your skin is naturally sensitive and acne-prone.
4. Your diet – high amount of sugar, oils, spices or drinking very less amount of water can also cause acne.
5. You share your make up and brushes.
6. Hormonal imbalance/Puberty
7. Over-scrubbing/exfoliating
8. Stress
9. Picking on/touching your pimples just make it worse. It also spreads from one part to another
10. Other problems in your system
Pimples can very well indicate some ongoing problem inside your body. This is classified according to the area where you have increased number of breakouts.
A pimple is generally of two types:
A simple-small whiteheaded zit, or a painful, big old cystic-type pimple.
How to zap the Zit?
The first time I see a pimple, I have this really strong urge to just pop it and make it go away. But remember, this is just going to make it worst! LEAVE YOUR PIMPLE ALONE!
This is the simplest, most-effective thing to do. It goes away within a week. But if you disturb it, it’s going to leave a very bad mark!
HELP, I have to go somewhere and this pimple just popped up!
Is it me or honestly whenever I have to attend a wedding/function, a pimple appears out of nowhere. What sorcery is this? Here’s how to deal with it:
1. If it’s a huge, swollen and red cyst like pimple, just leave it alone. Apply some ice on top of it to calm the redness. You can use a green colour-corrector. But I will always recommend to just let it be. It’ll be gone soon, I promise.
2. If you have a whiteheaded, small pimple, the first thing to do is take a small cloth/towel and run it under hot water. Put the cloth on pimple for 10 seconds or so. And repeat.
Other Options are:
  • Spot treatment – combine Honey, Lemon, Cinnamon and Nutmeg  powders and apply with a q-tip on the spot. Do this at night.
  • Use an equal mixture of calamine lotion and tea tree oil. Apply with a q-tip on the area.
  • Rub banana peel on your zit
  • Rub some ice
  • It is often said, that Aspirin works well for acne too, since it has salicylic acid which is anti-Inflammatory. Use a face wash/cleanser containing SALICYLIC ACID for great results.
Here are some personal recommendations for acne-prone skin:
Personal Favourite
Amazing product
Use it as a spot treatment
Additional Tips
1. Drink water. Drink loads and loads of it.
2. Use detox water. It helps to detoxify your system, and clears your body of toxins.
3. Increase uptake of vegetables, fresh fruits.
4. Decrease spicy/oily food.
5. NEVER sleep with make up on. Always wash your face with a good cleanser and use a toner to help clarify your skin.
6. If your skin is acne-prone, use make up made for your skin.
7. If you have a very severe skin issue PLEASE go see a Dermatologist ASAP. Some things can not be treated by conventional methods.
Hope this helped you guys! for any further questions, do comment and let me know ❤
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Hair Care for Hijabis

Hey girls!
When I first started wearing Hijab, I thought I was going to go bald! My hair fell a LOT, my head hurt so much until I found out I’ve been doing it wrong the whole time. I eventually learnt from experience and experimenting that there are ways to minimise the hair loss, by properly tying your hair and taking good care of it! And since then, my hair has never been much better! So I’m going to share some of my tried and tested tips for my fellow Hijabis too.

1. Tie your hair correctly
The first and foremost thing is to tie your hair in a proper way. Make sure it’s not too tight, and not so high. If you have silky hair or baby hairs on forehead which come out easily, use of under cap helps.

2. Use a hair-friendly material
For both under caps and your hijab, choose a material that’s not stiff and hard and is easily breathable. Chiffon, cotton works well. Also, wash your under caps regularly.

3. Volume is not an answer
Sure, a lot of hijabis like their hijabs sky-high! Not only is this religiously incorrect, but also medically it puts a lot of strain on your hair, head and neck. So, avoid using flower clips on a daily basis. Instead opt for scrunches (which are like normal ponies) or using different hijab techniques.


4. Dry your hair first
Never, ever, ever wear a hijab on wet hair. Always dry your hair first. Use a blow dryer. It’s better to wear it on dirty than wet hair.

5. Treat your hair every now and then
Every weekend, pamper your hair with some home made goodies. Oiling your hair is the BEST option. Use egg, mayonnaise, aloe vera gel, apple cider vinegar, tea or henna to condition your hair.

6. Oils are your best friend
They certainly are mine! If you can’t find one, mix in 2-3 oils to create an amazing concoction. Once every week, sit in sun and massage your hair for a good 20 minutes, to boost up your circulation. This is going to make your hair AMAZING and feels sooo good. Trust me!

7. Keep up with general hair care
Just because you cover your hair doesn’t mean you should not care for it.
Always comb your hair before tying your hair or after taking off your hijab.
Trim your hair regularly. This also helps get rid of split ends and brittle ends and makes your hair look fresh and neat.

8. Use traditional methods
Once in a while, let your hair loose and sit under sun. Also, at the comfort your home, keep your hair in a loose brain/bun or if it’s short, let it stay open. Let it relax for sometime too!

9. Increase uptake of water, proteins and vitamins
For great hair, it is extremely important to fulfil your daily nutritional requirements. Increase your uptake of water, eat clean and healthy, and don’t forget to take your vitamins! (Consult a doctor first) Increase vegetables, fish, fruits, nuts in your diet. Avoid sugar, carbs, fast food, junk and sodas.

10. Never underestimate the power of your hijab
Seriously, hijab is an amazing blessing for your hair! No need to straighten, curl it or subject it to extreme chemicals. So easy to hide those dirty strands too (In case you’re feeling lazy :p) So much time is saved! Also, it is easy to cover any bad dye job. Awesome right?

No bad hair day any more! We have bad hijab day :p

So my lovelies, hope this was helpful! These tips certainly have helped me a LOT! Let me know what you guys think 🙂



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Review : Himalaya Herbals Protein Hair Cream

Hey girls! Hope everybody is doing great and enjoying summers. So today, I thought about sharing my views on this product! Let’s get started 😀
I love my hair, and i absolutely love treating it every now and then. So I got this ‘protein hair cream’ without any reason. I am not a huge fan of using chemicals on my hair. But this one didn’t disappoint me!
Why ‘Protein’ treatment?
Protein is a building block of your hair. It helps repair and regenerate your hair and also makes it softer and more manageable. Providing it externally in form of creams or shampoos makes your hair shinier, softer and damage-free. This is an extremely cheap and easy alternative to expensive salon hair treatments and very easy to do in the comfort of your home!
Product Description
So this protein cream comes in a small 140ml jar. The cream itself has a very soft, creamy feel to it.
Main ingredients
Chickpea, Wheatgram and Amla are the main ingredients in this cream. It provides the hair with nourishment, and repairs the hair. Amla helps promote hair growth.
How to use
Okay, so since this is in a form of cream, you just need to slightly massage it on your scalp, concentrating it on your roots. Leave it for half and hour and wash as usual!
My thoughts
Okaayy, as I mentioned before, this was again one of those products I never even heard before of and bought it. My first thought was, that my hair felt much much softer, specially my ends. To be clear, the results were not that ‘drastic’ but much noticeable. I use it after every 2 weeks or so, and do I love it or not? It definitely has made my hair healthier and more softer. And guess what, I am done with my first jar 😉
The creamy texture

Summing it up,

You’ll like it if:
You have dry hair
Experiencing hair fall
Want to repair your hair
Want to make your hair softer and shinier
Very easy to use and easily washes off
Good replacement for salon treatments
Easily available
Very very affordable
What’s not to like:

If your hair is very oily, might not give great results

Available easily in departmental and on line stores.

140ml jar for PKR300 (Prices may vary)

Would I recommend?
It’s a yes!


Hope this helped you guys! Don’t forget to comment and let me know what you think.

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