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August 2015

Review – Saeed Ghani’s Herbal Whitening Ubtan

Disclaimer – I in no way promote the concept of ‘fairness’. I genuinely am against colour shaming. This post is just meant to review and share my honest opinions about a particular product, bought with my own money.

Hello all. I am back with another review for you all!

I think everyone here can understand, that summers and exams take away a lot of freshness from the face. It just makes our skin look so dull and lifeless. We all need a little something to bring back the fresh look to our skin, don’t we?

Now a little about the company – Saeed Ghani is one of the best skin/hair care company, majorly because they use natural products which have no side effects and are very affordable too. I have used numerous products before, and I was searching for this ubtan for quite some time, and I was ecstatic to finally locate it!

The product
This whitening ubtan is nothing other than a scrub. It has many natural ingredients which will wipe away the dirt and grease to reveal a fresher complexion. Mind you, it is not going to turn your skin tone to fair in just one use, but the purpose is to bring a glow to your face.

First Impression
When I first used it, I found the scrub to be very easy to apply on the face and rub it. After washing off, my face instantly had a cleaner and glowy look. It washed off easily, but the yellow colour might leave a stain on your face, which you can remove with a toner or face wash. It also smelt very nice, and I absolutely loved the natural ingredients in it.


Ingredients and Directions to Use

Needless to say,  I have always been a fan of such products and I am in love with this particular too! I have seen no side effects or any other reaction to it, and what I love about it is the natural ingredients used. The yellow colour due to haldi or turmeric can be removed by rose water or face wash.

How to Use
The directions are pretty much clearly mentioned on the box. If you have an OILY skin, you can add rose water or lemon. If you have a DRY skin, use honey, milk and/or rose water! Simply make a paste, apply on your face and rub in circular motions. Keep it until dry and wash to reveal a clearer skin!

Overall You’d like it, if..
  • You want to use natural products only
  • You want to have a clearer skin in no time
  • You want to use an affordable and easily available product
You’d NOT like, if..
  • You do not like the yellow residue
  • You have a very dry skin
  • you have a sensitive skin
Do I recommend it?
YES, I absolutely love it and would recommend it to everyone!
Overall Ratings
5/5 for this product
Cost and Availability

It costed me around PKR 150 for the product, and is widely available in Pakistan.

Hope this review helped anyone reading! Let me know your experience in the comments.

Until next time,

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Shedding Those Extra Pounds – A Lazy Girl’s Guide

Hello all! It seems like quite a lot of time since I have published something new. So much has been happening at my end! So here I am again, writing in the middle of the night, a new post for you guys. 😀

So let’s get in the deets first. I think most of or majority of the girls think they are fat and are not satisfied with their weight. Are you one of them, like me? If so, I can understand how it is so hard to lose weight, specially with the yummy foods options lurking everywhere, right? Also to be honest, I am a huge lazy bum. I can sit on a spot all day and not move an inch. Raise your hands who agrees with me!

Now getting to the point here, losing weight is not that difficult – AT ALL. Yes! The simplest and easiest trick I can give you is to make changes. Just removing some things and adding something else is going to change your life! For realz.

Here’s a quick guide for all the lazy bums (like me) who want to lose weight, but in an easy peasy way:

1. Start drinking water. And by drinking I mean 10-12 glasses of water per day. I cannot tell you how important this is, since water is going to flush out toxins from your body. Extra bonus? Your skin is going to look and feel very awesome. You can add different fruits in your water to change the flavours.

2. Bye bye fries – I think we all can agree to ‘Fries before guys’, but the truth is you have to say farewell to fried and oily stuff. Also, it is not really a healthy option and so so bad for your skin (hint: Acne)

3. Beat your cravings with healthier options – Feeling hungry in the middle of the night? Eat carrots, almonds or walnuts. Not only that it will satisfy your cravings but you will be getting benefits from them as well.

4. Start off your mornings with lemon water – I cannot stress enough on this tip. Just after waking up, have one glass of warm water with lemon and/or honey. Seriously,this is going to make your body so so much better in many ways. It boosts your immune system, flushes out the toxins and keep your digestive system up and working.

5. Have a cheat-day – Well we all get tired of healthy eating once in a while, don’t we? Keep one day in a week as your cheat day. Eat one or two cheat meal. You have to lose weight, but at a normal pace and cheating once in a while is going to help you from getting bored.

6. Detoxify – In one jug of water, add some cucumber and lemon slices and some mint leaves. Let it sit overnight and drink this water the next day. This is just going to boost the weight loss. Can’t do it? Just add lemon in your glass, whenever you drink water.

7. Say yes to fruits and veggies – Yes, yes and yes! Add more of these healthier alternatives. Eat them raw.

8. Add a little bit of physical activity – Exercise or physical activity is very important to burn away the fat. Since we are talking about beginner level here, let’s just focus on MOVING. Have stairs at home? Just go up and down 2-3 times. See, this is the most difficult part for any lazy girl. Love dancing? That is perfect. Make sure to dance on atleast 2 or 3 songs daily! This is equal to doing a cardio workout.

9. Sleep early, wake-up early – It is important to keep your routine healthy and well, so do not forget that.

10. Make small changes – Keep in mind that you are at level one. So make small changes. Swap your biscuits with almonds. Drink milk rather than sodas. It is that simple.

11. Start with achievable goals and do not push yourself hard – When it starts to get hard, we often lose motivation and end up gaining weight again. Seriously all you have to do is stop a few things and add some. It is very basic and simple and all you need is a little bit of will power. Getting in shape is just a reward. Start with small goals like 4-5 kgs and then build up more.

Hoping that this post motivates any of you to start taking care of your health! Let me know in the comments 😉

Until next time,

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