Hello all! Been a long time.

We all go through the same battle every morning – to get up early and get ready or sleep for just 5 more minutes. If you’re like me, you know the struggle of choosing between some extra minutes of sleep or struggling to look good. And guess what, sleep usually wins! However, with some time and experimenting I finally came up with a routine for myself to not look like a homeless person and also get my extra minutes of sleep!



Yes, the basic thing is to get up earlier than you do. But not everyone can do so since many of us are usually working late at night or our routine is set in a way that you just cannot wake up early no matter what [Like me! :(]- whatever the reason maybe, there are other ways to deal with it.

So I came up with this brief guide to help all university, college or office go-ers getting a simple yet minimal look in no time! And no it does not involve getting up early. Here’s how:

1. Create a specific routine – never wear make up haphazardly. Develop a specific pattern like first going for a BB/CC cream or tinted moisturiser, then your eye liner and mascara, blush and lip colour. Not only will this save some extra time, but also will help you to cope with the morning stress. It is also good to break away from your routine once in a while to do something new!
2. Multi-task products – I personally love doing this! This simply means that you can buy or choose products which you have multiple uses. Like using a lipstick both as a blush and a lip colour or using mascara on your eyelashes and slightly combing on your brows to tame them.
ELF HD Blush – Can be used BOTH as a cheek and lip stain!

3. Go for simple techniques – this is not the time to try out a new cat eye or any other complicated make up routine. Go for the usual simple look and nothing too dramatic for a day time look.

4. Keep tissues or make up remover close by – since you are in a hurry you are bound to make some mistakes. Make sure to have a make up remover, tissue or simple concealer at hand so that you can correct your eye-liner or mascara stain whenever needed.


5. Use lighter colours – It is DAY time. So use light and neutral colours to enhance your features. Ditch the usual black eye-liner and opt for colourful eye pencils. They can make you look much awake and brighter than usual!


6. Do not go overboard – Falsies and heavy contour looks amazing, but not for the day. Always remember to keep your look natural and well-balanced.
YES to this!
Nope Nope

7. Keep a set time limit to do your hair and make  up – For example, 1 minute for your face, another Minute or two for eye-liner, a minute for your blush and lipstick etc. In this way you can divide your total available time in simpler steps to effectively utilise it.

8. Keep it simple, silly! – A day to day look is free of any complicated routines. Say no to heavy contour, overdone brows, baking or falsies. Keep the drama for a night time look. However, switch to more natural techniques like using a light bronzer for a very minimal contour and using a brow pencil with light strokes to shape your brows. Remember you are running out of time. So, keep it simple and easy.

Beautiful, but ONLY when you got time!

9. Change it up – It is a good thing to change your routine every now and then. Always using the same techniques or the same face can bore you off too! So add some pop of colour on your eye or lip or go liner free every once in a while to change the whole look. Everyone will notice!

10. Plan before hand – A very simple trick I love doing is keeping my daily used products in a separate box or basket. This will reaaallly help to reduce time finding things in morning or to struggle arranging everything. I love my products to be well placed and having a separate make up box works very well!

So girls, I hope you all can benefit from this post one way or the other. let me know your way of getting ready in the morning. What do you do?
Until next time,
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