Hello guys! Its been a while since I have written a review on any product. I have been hauling and trying out some new goodies, and I found so many people praising this scrub/mask.

Its been rated by Allure 2013 as the best of beauty picks. Is it really THAT good? Lets find out!



The low-down

So I was searching for activated charcoal everywhere since it is so good in purifying and detoxifying. Unfortunately I couldn’t really locate it, so I ended up buying this products instead. I am not suffering from any major skin problem except a scar here or there and some pigmentation and dark areas. I have always preferred using natural skin products as my skin responds positively to it.

The product

This mask-scrub duo is contained in a 150-ml bottle. The product is both a scrub and a mask. It mainly has two basic ingredients, one is activated charcoal which is famous for purifying and removing and sort of dirt, pollution or debris. The other is black sugar, which helps in exfoliating and removing dead skin.


Directions for use



The process

The best part is you can use this both as a mask and a scrub. First, for using a mask just apply a layer and leave for 5-7 minutes. After the time period, use slow circular motions to gently rub and it and then wash away with warm water.

First Impressions

I had heard quite a lot about Freeman’s range, but this was my first buy. The texture is a little sugary with a very slight black tint. It goes on easy and you don’t need much. It smells okay too. I honestly was amazed how soft and amazing your skin looks when you wash it.

Sugary texture


My thoughts

Its been quite a time since I have been using this and although I am irregular in the usage, but every time it gives such an awesome glow to your face. It says that you should use it twice every week, but I prefer using only before any big event or function. My make up glides on so softly, skin looks fresh and even and so much softer!

Its not at all harsh on the skin and there is no black tint on the face. Do I love it or do I love it?

So, overall I love this product because:

  • Easy to use
  • Gives skin a soft feel
  • Sudden glow
  • Results are fast
  • Good for all skin types
  • No dry feeling afterwards
  • Good quantity for a low price
  • Easily available through out Pakistan


I don’t like:

The cap won’t close properly once open! A manufacturing fault 😦

Do I recommend it?

Overall, I am in looove with this. And I definitely recommend this to everyone!

Price and availability

I bought this for PKR 325 from Al-Fatah, Centaurus mall, Islamabad.



Have  you tried this out? Let me know what you think!

Until next time!


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