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[Review] – Makeup Products from Born Pretty Store

Disclaimer : The products you are about to see were SENT to me by the store. The views, however are purely genuine, honest and mine.


I’m sure you all must be familiar with the name! According to BPS Website:

The original inspiration of the name born pretty store comes from proverb “each woman is born pretty”. Combining the aim of providing beauty items to the female, we incorporated it into the name “born pretty”store. Bornprettystore is a store intended to provide each ordinary female, whoever they are, wherever they come from, with the latest fashion items of nail art, make up and outfit, helping them find the best way to dress up, which ultimately push outside their potential beauty to the fullest.

So I received 4 amazing products in my mail!

  1. Brush set


Brush set contains the following 7 brushes:

  • Face – Can be used for blush and face powder
  • Eye shadow – A Flat brush for eye shadow application; Concealing
  • Eye Shades Stick – Spongy brush
  • Shader – Small flat brush; Concealing and Eye Shadow
  • Angled Eyeliner – Angled and ideal for brows
  • Lip – Good for filing lip in
  • Eyeliner Brush – Thin for gel/cream eyeliner









My Thoughts – Overall the brush set is pretty good for beginners or girls just starting their makeup collection. The Eyeliner brush is not precise enough. The handles are fine, size of the brush being small.



2. Make up Blending Sponge Stick

So many makeup companies are creating such sponge sticks or as I call it ‘beauty blender on a stick’, such as Maybelline and MagiCosmetix. It is a small sized stick with a rigid sponge attached on top.


My thoughts – It’s good to try out a new product, but the major drawback I faced was that it eats up a lot of product. So overall, this is an average applicator for the purpose.


3. Heng Fang Moisturizing Lip Crayons (Set of 12 Colours)

This set consists of 12 different lip crayons. The colour range varies from coral to browns. The crayons are mini, bullet sized.



My Thoughts

The crayons have a moisturizing feel to them. Although they don’t look like so, but they are quite pigmented as well. The only drawback? They are too small! Thus not easy to carry around and handle. But I am quite impressed with the range and texture of these crayons. And these are by far by favourite out of the 4 products! 😀



4. Set of Lashes

This box contains about 10 set of lashes. The lashes are all off the same pattern. They are quite fluttery and natural looking. The set doesn’t comes with any lash glue along.


My Thoughts

The lashes are good for every day sort of use. They can be used 2-3 times at most. Overall, I personally like them for practising or using them on myself.



That’s all for now! Let me know what you think. 🙂

Until next time,




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[Review] ADS Peel-off Lipgloss

So recently, a new trend has take up all over my facebook and instagram feed. ‘Peel-off lipgloss’ or ‘Peel-off lipstains’ are becoming very famous amongst us. With the likes of Huda Beauty and various other magazine editors trying these ‘stains’ out, I thought about giving them a go too! So let’s see what the hype is all about! 😀


The Product


Each lip gloss is a small tube containing 15g of product in it. There are about 6 shades in each pack of lip gloss. The product claims to leave a stain on your lips that will not go off despite eating, and will last up to 24 hours. Shades included are:

  • Watermelon
  • Strawberry
  • Rose Pink
  • Rose Red
  • Cherry Red
  • Rose Breen




Rose Pink


Rose Red
Cherry Red
Red Breen


Vitamin E, Rose Hip Oil, Aloe Essence, Natural Fruit Essence, Polybutylene, Fruit Wax, Synthetic Agents/Colorants ( Cl 77891, Cl 77491, Cl 77499, Cl 19140, Cl 15985, Cl 15850) and Tin Oxide.


How to Use:

The Box shows a 3-step process for using this lip-gloss:

  1. Apply a thick layer on your lips, without going out the natural outline.
  2.  Let it dry for 5-10 minutes
  3.  Peel it off and apply a clear lip-gloss on top.

My Experience

I was very excited to try out this new trend. This peel-off gloss gives you a slight tint and is inspired by Korean beauty trends of getting a just-ate-an-ice-lolly type gradient tint to the lips.  The result is a beautiful, natural looking stain. gradient_lips_large

The entire range of ADS Peel-off lipgloss has different varieties of colour, from orange to pink and then to red. The lighter colours (Watermelon, Strawberry) don’t show up as much on my skin compared to the darker ones (Rose breen, Cherry Red).

Whoever claimed it to be a 24 hours lasting tint was really wrong. At maximum, it can last up to 4-5 hours, and can not stand food at all! It is wudhu friendly also for those concerned.

As much as i loved the initial stain, I have to admit it is a rather messy one. Both application and removal is far from being easy or neat. Your hands get messy, you get the stain on your nails quite easily too!

L-R: Watermelon, Strawberry, Rose Pink, Rose Red, Cherry Red, Red Breen
Messy Application

If you want to try it out, make sure to follow these tips as I learned from my experience:

  • Moisturize your lips before application
  • Use a nice flat-brush to apply
  • Dry for 15 minutes, or wait until it is COMPLETELY dry
  • After removing, apply a lip balm
  • If you get the stain anywhere outside your lips, use a moisturizer to remove
  • Wash your hands with soap to remove the stain


Summing it up,

What’s to LIKE: 

  • A natural looking lip tint
  • An affordable lip gloss
  • Colour range is good

What’s NOT to Like:

  • Stain is not very long lasting
  • Messy application
  • MAY dry out lips
  • Takes time drying
  • Not a fast method


Price & Availability:

These lip glosses (Individual and pack) are being sold by various online pages. I got mine for PKR 1000 for a box containing 6 lip gloss.

Overall Rating: 



Much Love,



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[REVIEW] Freeman’s Face Polishing Mask Charcoal and Black Sugar

Hello guys! Its been a while since I have written a review on any product. I have been hauling and trying out some new goodies, and I found so many people praising this scrub/mask.

Its been rated by Allure 2013 as the best of beauty picks. Is it really THAT good? Lets find out!



The low-down

So I was searching for activated charcoal everywhere since it is so good in purifying and detoxifying. Unfortunately I couldn’t really locate it, so I ended up buying this products instead. I am not suffering from any major skin problem except a scar here or there and some pigmentation and dark areas. I have always preferred using natural skin products as my skin responds positively to it.

The product

This mask-scrub duo is contained in a 150-ml bottle. The product is both a scrub and a mask. It mainly has two basic ingredients, one is activated charcoal which is famous for purifying and removing and sort of dirt, pollution or debris. The other is black sugar, which helps in exfoliating and removing dead skin.


Directions for use



The process

The best part is you can use this both as a mask and a scrub. First, for using a mask just apply a layer and leave for 5-7 minutes. After the time period, use slow circular motions to gently rub and it and then wash away with warm water.

First Impressions

I had heard quite a lot about Freeman’s range, but this was my first buy. The texture is a little sugary with a very slight black tint. It goes on easy and you don’t need much. It smells okay too. I honestly was amazed how soft and amazing your skin looks when you wash it.

Sugary texture


My thoughts

Its been quite a time since I have been using this and although I am irregular in the usage, but every time it gives such an awesome glow to your face. It says that you should use it twice every week, but I prefer using only before any big event or function. My make up glides on so softly, skin looks fresh and even and so much softer!

Its not at all harsh on the skin and there is no black tint on the face. Do I love it or do I love it?

So, overall I love this product because:

  • Easy to use
  • Gives skin a soft feel
  • Sudden glow
  • Results are fast
  • Good for all skin types
  • No dry feeling afterwards
  • Good quantity for a low price
  • Easily available through out Pakistan


I don’t like:

The cap won’t close properly once open! A manufacturing fault 😦

Do I recommend it?

Overall, I am in looove with this. And I definitely recommend this to everyone!

Price and availability

I bought this for PKR 325 from Al-Fatah, Centaurus mall, Islamabad.



Have  you tried this out? Let me know what you think!

Until next time!


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Review – L’Oreal Paris ”6 Oil Nourish” Nourishing Shampoo + Conditioner

Hey you guys! Today I am going to do a super quick and much awaited review. This one was pending for ages. So I am finally going to share my thoughts on this product.
So when this particular product came out, it instantly filled my news feed up! Everyone was buying and testing out this range. Yes, I am talking about L’Oreal Paris 6 Oil Nourish Shampoo and Conditioner. But does it delivers results or was it just a hype? Let’s find out!
This shampoo comes in a 175 ml or 360 ml yellow-brown bottle. This ‘6 oil nourish’ was recently introduced with shampoo, conditioner and a serum/oil to enhance volume, shine and improve your hair quality. It includes a mixture of 6 different oils to target specific hair woes, such as:
  • Argan Oil for Strengthening hair
  • Coconut Oil for Thickening hair
  • Almond Oil for smoothing
  • Jojoba Oil for Shine
  • Olive Oil for softening
  • Camelina Oil for making hair manageable


The Shampoo

To be very honest, I do not think that any shampoo can change your hair texture or help solve different problems. It’s just a mixture of bunch of chemicals, intended to only clean your hair. I tried out this shampoo just because, and I couldn’t really get the hype about it. It sure smells nice, and is a mustard-coloured formula, but it really doesn’t drastically changes hair quality. I sure did notice my hair behaving and being more manageable, but a shampoo can never ever replace the goodness of natural oils.



The Shampoo (175 ml)

The Conditioner

I actually liked the conditioner more than the shampoo. It makes your ends super soft and trust me I have very dry ends! HOWEVER, the effect lasts only for a day or two. Your hair is then back to its same old condition. It also smells reaalllyy nice!

The Conditioner (175 ml)

Overall Experience
So overall, I won’t say it is something AMAZING, but it is quite okay-ish for the price it is being offered at. I haven’t really tried the oil with the kit, so can’t really say much about that. But this duo is something I won’t be buying again. Summing up,

You’ll like this duo if :
You are looking for a low-budget shampoo and conditioner
You have normal to oily hair
You want an easily available shampoo and conditioner
Your hair is almost perfect
You are not suffering from any major hair issues

You will not like this duo, if:
You have super duper dry hair
You have dry ends
You are suffering from major hair loss or issues

Price and Availability
I purchases the 175 ml Shampoo for PKR 200 and 175 ml Conditioner for PKR 235. The whole range is widely available everywhere, and also on many online pages.


Have you tried it out? How was the experience. Leave me a comment below!

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Until Next time!


Review – Saeed Ghani’s Herbal Whitening Ubtan

Disclaimer – I in no way promote the concept of ‘fairness’. I genuinely am against colour shaming. This post is just meant to review and share my honest opinions about a particular product, bought with my own money.

Hello all. I am back with another review for you all!

I think everyone here can understand, that summers and exams take away a lot of freshness from the face. It just makes our skin look so dull and lifeless. We all need a little something to bring back the fresh look to our skin, don’t we?

Now a little about the company – Saeed Ghani is one of the best skin/hair care company, majorly because they use natural products which have no side effects and are very affordable too. I have used numerous products before, and I was searching for this ubtan for quite some time, and I was ecstatic to finally locate it!

The product
This whitening ubtan is nothing other than a scrub. It has many natural ingredients which will wipe away the dirt and grease to reveal a fresher complexion. Mind you, it is not going to turn your skin tone to fair in just one use, but the purpose is to bring a glow to your face.

First Impression
When I first used it, I found the scrub to be very easy to apply on the face and rub it. After washing off, my face instantly had a cleaner and glowy look. It washed off easily, but the yellow colour might leave a stain on your face, which you can remove with a toner or face wash. It also smelt very nice, and I absolutely loved the natural ingredients in it.


Ingredients and Directions to Use

Needless to say,  I have always been a fan of such products and I am in love with this particular too! I have seen no side effects or any other reaction to it, and what I love about it is the natural ingredients used. The yellow colour due to haldi or turmeric can be removed by rose water or face wash.

How to Use
The directions are pretty much clearly mentioned on the box. If you have an OILY skin, you can add rose water or lemon. If you have a DRY skin, use honey, milk and/or rose water! Simply make a paste, apply on your face and rub in circular motions. Keep it until dry and wash to reveal a clearer skin!

Overall You’d like it, if..
  • You want to use natural products only
  • You want to have a clearer skin in no time
  • You want to use an affordable and easily available product
You’d NOT like, if..
  • You do not like the yellow residue
  • You have a very dry skin
  • you have a sensitive skin
Do I recommend it?
YES, I absolutely love it and would recommend it to everyone!
Overall Ratings
5/5 for this product
Cost and Availability

It costed me around PKR 150 for the product, and is widely available in Pakistan.

Hope this review helped anyone reading! Let me know your experience in the comments.

Until next time,

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Review : Himalaya Herbals Protein Hair Cream

Hey girls! Hope everybody is doing great and enjoying summers. So today, I thought about sharing my views on this product! Let’s get started 😀
I love my hair, and i absolutely love treating it every now and then. So I got this ‘protein hair cream’ without any reason. I am not a huge fan of using chemicals on my hair. But this one didn’t disappoint me!
Why ‘Protein’ treatment?
Protein is a building block of your hair. It helps repair and regenerate your hair and also makes it softer and more manageable. Providing it externally in form of creams or shampoos makes your hair shinier, softer and damage-free. This is an extremely cheap and easy alternative to expensive salon hair treatments and very easy to do in the comfort of your home!
Product Description
So this protein cream comes in a small 140ml jar. The cream itself has a very soft, creamy feel to it.
Main ingredients
Chickpea, Wheatgram and Amla are the main ingredients in this cream. It provides the hair with nourishment, and repairs the hair. Amla helps promote hair growth.
How to use
Okay, so since this is in a form of cream, you just need to slightly massage it on your scalp, concentrating it on your roots. Leave it for half and hour and wash as usual!
My thoughts
Okaayy, as I mentioned before, this was again one of those products I never even heard before of and bought it. My first thought was, that my hair felt much much softer, specially my ends. To be clear, the results were not that ‘drastic’ but much noticeable. I use it after every 2 weeks or so, and do I love it or not? It definitely has made my hair healthier and more softer. And guess what, I am done with my first jar 😉
The creamy texture

Summing it up,

You’ll like it if:
You have dry hair
Experiencing hair fall
Want to repair your hair
Want to make your hair softer and shinier
Very easy to use and easily washes off
Good replacement for salon treatments
Easily available
Very very affordable
What’s not to like:

If your hair is very oily, might not give great results

Available easily in departmental and on line stores.

140ml jar for PKR300 (Prices may vary)

Would I recommend?
It’s a yes!


Hope this helped you guys! Don’t forget to comment and let me know what you think.

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Until next time,

Review : Garnier Pure Active Exfoliating Daily Wash

Garnier, founded in 1904, is a pioneer in hair care and skin products. I have personally used many skin & hair care products from the brand and found the former much better. Overall, one great thing about the company is that their skin care range has a variety of products suited to your needs. So today, I’ll be reviewing Pure Active Exfoliating Daily Wash.

The Product

Main ingredients
Key ingredients in this product are zinc and salicylic acid. Zinc helps to  improve wound healing,  has anti-inflammatory effects, and also protects against UV radiation. Zinc is also effective in treating acne. Similarly, Salicylic Acid also has anti-inflammatory action which is great for people with acne or acne-prone skin.

Product Description
The product comes in a 150mL bottle, and has a liquid-gel like consistency, with grainy particles. 


Description at the back


The texture

 My thoughts
Although I have a combination skin, in summer my T-zone tends to get oily. This product is great for curing that, and doesn’t makes my skin super dry. Also, I tend to have pimples here and there, and since I’ve started using it I feel like my acne has suppressed quite a lot. It has a grainy/scrubby feel to it, so I don’t like to use it as a ‘daily wash’. Twice or thrice a week works on me!

Why you’ll love it
You’ve got acne or acne-prone skin
Great for oily skin
Perfect for summer
Lasts for a long period of time
A face wash and scrub in one product
Doesn’t dries up your skin
Works for combination skin
Easily available

What’s not to like
Not so good for dry skin
Can’t be used regularly as a scrub ( too much scrubbing is not so great)

Availability and Cost:
Available throughout Pakistan. One 150 mL bottle cost me 400 PKR. Prices may vary accordingly.


Hope this helps someone out! 🙂
Much love,

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Medora Matte Lipsticks – Review and Swatches

Hey guys! Hope you all are doing great.

So, I thought I’d review some of the medora matte lipsticks I bought just recently. They’ve been around for quite a long time, but now they are again getting some hype these days, so I thought why not buy some of them and test them out!

I bought three different colours, to check out the pigmentation and how long they last. Besides ‘matte’, medora also has ‘glossy’ lipsticks.

Medora lipsticks are formulated with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. These two ingredients make them very soft to apply, and give a matte finish.

These are the three colours that I bought:

1. Glamour

A smooth, nude-ish pink colour. A pretty colour to wear on a day to day basis, or pair with a heavy eye for an overall balanced look.

2. Shocking Pink


Now this is one of my favourites. I’m a fan of pinks, and this is an amazing pink lippie. The pigmentation in this one is perfect and the matte formula also makes it more perfect. Pair with a simple winged eyeliner, or plain nude eyes!
3. Cherry Wood


A darker, brownish colour. Not the colour I normally wear. But then again, if you’re looking for a brown lipstick with a matte formula, this is a good option!
Glamour, Shocking Ping, Cherry Wood (Under normal lighting)
Under Flash


After washing and scrubbing off

 What’s to like:

  • Glides on very smoothly
  • Soft formula
  • Very pigmented
  • Matte
  • Stays on for a good period of time
  • Doesn’t comes off that easily
  • Super super cheap
  • Easily available throughout Pakistan

What’s not to like:

  • Some people might not like the strong scent

Available throughout Pakistan only for PKR 110.

Would I recommend?
If you’re looking for a matte lipstick, with a smooth formula and something that’s affordable and easily available then YES this one’s for you!


Hope this was helpful! Let me know what other pretty shades to try out and I shall. 😀

Much Love.

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